Wednesday, January 17, 2018

saw my rheummy today

I got scolded by my doctor today.  =(

My Rheumatoid Arthritis has progressed because I am not taking my medications correctly and I have not seen my doctor in a year.  It's really not what I wanted to hear but I'm tired to seeing doctors and getting poked for blood tests.

But unfortunately for me, what I have done (naturally) had a negative effect on my body.  =(  

I feel terrible physically and emotionally.  I have not cried about having RA for a long time but now is one of those moments when the realization of this disease hits hard.  

I'm exhausted.  I am tired of feeling tired. I know my doctor means well, but he doesn't have RA so he may have the wisdom to help me get better control of this disease but he does not feel what we feel- the pain, the brain fog, the exhaustion, the frustration...


things will get better.  it always does.  

Friday, November 17, 2017

Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

Which means I will be on pie duty for the next several days while the dusting of flour and the smear of butter covers the kitchen.

I love making pies.  It really makes me happy. 

I also love helping people plan their trips.

I am blessed to be doing work that I love to do. 

After the baking madness, I'm leaving for a trip to the Philippines and Thailand for work. I would enjoy it more if my loves could come with me but they can't.  I miss them terribly when I am away, but time does fly so the 9 days will be over in no time.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

it's back to writing

it's been a year since i last posted anything.  i've written things on my computer but none of them made it here.  RA makes your head fuzzy and i told myself i should write more so i have somewhere to go back to and read when i suddenly forget things.

what has happened in the last year?  well, the biggest change has been the addition Ash to our family.  i've never had a dog in my life so this was all new to me.  fast forward 1 year and i am absolutely in love with dogs.  they say that dogs can prolong people's lives and I have to agree.  since adopting Ash, i have not come home stressed.  as soon as i walk in the door and see how happy he is to see me home, i leave behind the stress.  no human would greet anyone that way, that's what makes dogs special.

michelle has grown so much in the last 12 months.  she really looks dalagita now.  she's spending less time with paul and i, staying in her room most times but when i call her to say it's cuddle time, she still hurries to our room excitedly and cuddles with us.  i am so proud of how she's grown.  she really is a smart, and beautiful young girl, with a good heart and fears the Lord.  

i'm currently going through some personal issues with family back home but I know that God is faithful.  God has been so good to me, there's no reason to doubt his reasons and his will now.

paul, chel, t, and i are also on the verge of a major business venture.  again, trusting God on this because really if we relied on our will alone, it would not be possible.  also extremely thankful for our restored friendship with Ate Thez.  God is really a god of love and restoration.  

the last year also, our business became victim of fraud amounting to tens of thousands of dollars.  again, God showed up and restored what needed to be restored and provided a just punishment against the person who committed the wrong doing.  

just recapping the last year and this weeks recent events really proves how far the Lord has taken us.  God is good.  

Monday, September 26, 2016

RA update 09/26/16

My pain has been manageable but my fatigue has only improved slightly since being diagnosed.  If working on my feet in the morning, I'm exhausted by 12 noon and will need about 1 hour to rest before I can really start working again.  It's good that we have our own businesses that allow me the flexibility but it also accumulates added expense for me since I need to have employees work longer hours so I can be flexible.  

I wonder if this condition will allow me to get some kind for benefit from the government.  =(

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Liholiho Yacht Club

Paul and I went out to Liholiho Yacht Club tonight.  I've heard about this place for a couple of years and I have been extremely eager to try them out.  So when the reservation was about to open up for today's date, I booked right away and snagged a 5:30 pm reservation.

We arrived a little early for our reservation but we were seated right away.  The restaurant has an open kitchen right in the middle and a contemporary vibe to it.  Our server was pleasant but a little distant, which was fine for me.  Servers that are too perky make me uncomfortable (I know, I'm weird!).  

Our server suggested we order 3 items from their small plates/appetizer section and 1 from their entree section as their dishes were designed for sharing.  We started with tuna poke, then moved on to beef tongue steam buns (my favorite), grilled short ribs with boned marrow and escargot, and a fried rice with bay shrimp, abalone mushroom, and... spam!  They make their own spam in house, not the kind that we buy from the supermarket.

grilled shortrib, escargo,
bone marrow, mushrooms
Surprisingly, the weakest dish for me was the short ribs.  It was tasty but I would have done the plate differently.  Maybe I was just not too happy with the bone marrow stuffed with escargot and covered with breadcrumbs.  When I order bone marrow, I like to taste the marrow, that delicate fattiness that coats your mouth.  But the bone marrow ended up tasting like escargot and bread crumbs; they are not bad flavors, but the marrow's flavor was just to weak to stand up against the other flavors present.  The short ribs was cooked perfectly but I felt like it was missing something that I just couldn't put my finger on.  

Don't get me wrong.  The short rib dish was still good.  Just not as good as the other dishes we ordered.  The tuna poke was perfectly fresh, served on a crispy seaweed.  My favorite dish was the beef tongue served with kimchi, pickled cucumber, in a poppyseed steam bun.  So delicious!  I'm going to try to replicate this dish at home and add it to my repertoire! =)  The fried rice was good and went really well with the short ribs that we ordered.  

beef tongue with kimchi, cucumber and poppyseed steam bun
fried rice with bay shrimp, spam, and abalone mushroom
It might seem like a lot of food but we had room for dessert!  We ordered the Baked Hawaii and it came with a little sparkler for the evening's celebration.  I saw this dessert on yelp and knew it looked really pretty but I had my reservations because I'm not a big fan of meringue (I don't like that eggy taste).  I'm glad I took the plunge with this dessert!  The meringue was perfect!  Not eggy at all! It was light and creamy and not overly sweet. 

baked hawaii - caramelized pineapple ice cream
vanilla chiffon
doesn't it look so pretty????

I would love to go back and try some more of their dishes.  But to be honest, I could just order those beef tongue buns and a glass of beer and be perfectly happy.  =)